The Real Threat to Our Economy

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Today the Prime Minister warned curious potential UKIP voters that Nigel Farage is a threat to our economy as “a trading nation” because he wants “to give up” on the EU. Apart from showing the Great British Public Cameron has no intention of leaving the EU, whatever comes of his ‘renegotiations’, his statement shows something far more important. The political elite of our country still do not understand how leaving the EU would benefit our trading relationships with other countries.

If Britain votes to leave the EU, we can easily agree free trade agreements with the EU countries, just as Norway, Switzerland and Iceland have done. The fears that an independent UK will lose access to the Single Market are simply not true. Ongoing trading relationship laws are built into our EU membership, so when we have the chance to get out, no one has to fear how Britain will rebuild on its freedom.

With the EU exporting more to the UK than we export to them, the EU will need a free trade agreement with us more than we will! High quality British goods are wanted the world over and the EU will not shoot itself in the foot to spite Britain if we left. Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty is Britain’s exit clause and it obligates the EU to negotiate a trade agreement with any Member State which divorces itself from the Union.

Not only will we still have access to the Single Market, we can form our own free trade agreements with other global markets which the EU, slowed down my bureaucracy and mismanagement, is currently unable arrange. Many of these countries, such as China and Japan, as well as Commonwealth countries like South Africa and Canada, already have trade agreements with countries in Europe who are not members of the European Union, such as Switzerland.

According to a new report, the EU’s share of world GDP is roughly 18.6%. The world is a huge market, but whilst we are members of the EU we are unable to form trade links with the other 81.4%! Surely it is time to Get Britain Out, so that we can trade with Europe as well as the rest of the world. The biggest threat to our economy isn’t leaving the EU, but politicians like David Cameron who like to parade on the world stage. They would rather “give up” on Britain than allow the Great British Public to decide for themselves in an In/Out referendum as soon as possible.

Luke Stanley, Research Assistant

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