READ: The Letter We Sent Today to all Cabinet Ministers in Advance of the Chequers Meeting

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Ahead of tomorrow’s meeting at Chequers, I am writing to remind you of the stark choice you and your colleagues face. Grassroots campaign Get Britain Out, along with many, many of our supporters and others, will be watching Friday’s proceedings with intense scrutiny.

Of huge concern are two vital issues:

  • Respect the will of the people and
  • Arrange our clear departure from the European Union.

Again, it seems the Government is engaging in another display of unattractive politicking in which many seem to place personal preference (or convenience) ahead of the wishes of the country. This is making us look weak and ridiculous on the world stage, potentially damaging our global future.

It is only one of these choices which will see the Conservative Party gain favour with the Great British Public, and it is only one of these which will satisfy our passionate desire for change and pull away from the stranglehold of the European Union.

The Leave Vote was, at its very core, a vote for a brighter future. It was a ballot of faith in just what this country can truly achieve. I know this from bursting mailbags from our supporters.

From what we know at the moment, the Prime Minister’s “third way” option is not a real Brexit, but an over-regulated soft Brexit, keeping us tied into the EU. This is not what I, or Get Britain Out’s hundreds of thousands of supporters, sought to achieve when we made our decision in the ballot box just over 2 years ago – in the largest mandate ever for any vote previously!

As you will all be aware, The Rt Hon David Davis MP has been widely reported to have rubbished the plan you are to be presented with. He does not believe the approach is workable, and rightly believes it will do nothing but reduce the time available with which we have to reach a satisfactory deal. Refusal to listen to him and his Department makes a ‘No Deal’ more likely.

As the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, Davis understands the minds of the EU negotiators better than anyone else could. He knows what is needed to secure the best outcome for the whole of the United Kingdom. Davis should obviously be in the driving seat on our Brexit policy.

For us, the possibilities of independence were worth ignoring the dire warnings of the previous Chancellor’s ‘Project Fear’, big business, foreign politicians and our own political class. We could see the exciting possibilities which lay within touching distance: free trade, the re-establishment of British sovereignty, a global voice unimpeded by the clamour of unelected Eurocrats, and the chance to pursue a law-making system which would allow British businesses to thrive, both here and in a global economy.

To impede this by backing the “third way” and tying us into the EU would be a display of indifference to the result of the EU Referendum. It would render Britain a tax-collector for the EU, thus restricting our ability to sign global trade deals, and it would relegate us to mere rule-takers – blindly forced to follow the edicts of remote bureaucrats. This is not the future I want for our country. Any party which so grotesquely misinterprets the electorate’s intentions on the 23rd June 2016 by backing this proposal, will alienate huge swathes of the country.

The Prime Minister, on behalf of the Conservative Party pledged ‘No deal would be better than a bad deal’ and Mrs May must recommit to this pledge or the Party may never recover.

The British are a very forgiving people, but for our Prime Minister and her Cabinet colleagues to seek to betray us would compound the suspicions millions of us have about politicians. Tomorrow’s meeting presents YOU with the opportunity to assuage these fears. Commit to a Clean and Strong Brexit. Strike a note of confidence in the United Kingdom. Uphold the decision made over 2 years ago by the Great British Public, to craft our own course.

You may be surprised by just how much we can achieve without the suffocating stranglehold of the European Union.

Yours truly,

Jayne K Adye

Director, Get Britain Out

Director, Get Britain Out Limited

Director, The EU Referendum Campaign Limited

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