Questions the Pro-EU side need to answer

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Herman van Rompuy

We again look forward to Cameron’s speech this week. The delay has only led to more mixed messages, with senior politicians saying they are satisfied with a speech that hasn’t been given yet and so on.

Our message, however, is clear and unequivocal – anything promised after 2015 is pointless. In 2014 we open our doors to the poorest countries in the EU. The EU enters 2013 with its worst unemployment rates, near on 60% of young Greeks are unemployed. Just because the cameras don’t show it, do not for one minute think the discontent has died down in Southern Europe. The only solution being mooted in the European Parliament and the Commission is more integration.

Yet it still baffles us that with the Eurozone taking the EU down with it, why would anyone want their economy and political system integrated in such a bloc? Yes, trade with it. No one surely believes that if we are outside the EU, the EU will not sell goods to us and vice versa.

But why should we abide by their political acts, their environmental legislation and all their regulations when only under 10% of our GDP is created through trade with the EU? Why should the EU control our borders? And to top it, why should we pay £53m a day for it all?

These should be the questions that surround the debate on the EU. The EU-enthusiasts need to answer them. But I doubt they will satisfy the great British public.

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