Putting Europe Out of Business

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The US investment in fracking is leading them to energy self-sufficiency and to exporting gas, driving their economic recovery. The EU, by setting its eyes on Europe’s growing fracking industry, has declared war on energy in Europe. The warnings from the European Commission signal a foreseeable collision with the British government on fracking, threatening the recovery.

While the Big Six energy companies, already burdened with green levies that were conceived in Brussels and embraced by the government, are raising their prices and forcing vulnerable households to choose between food and heat, the EU shows contempt for ordinary people and for any practical measures to help get the continent out of its economic malaise. The Eurocrats who are trying to bully the energy industry to a standstill are utterly out of touch from the concerns of the British public and are intoxicated by their own green agenda.

Get Britain Out will campaign against the EU’s sanctimonious meddling in what should our domestic energy policy, one that serves the interest of the Great British Public rather than the counterproductive obsessions of the EU. The threat to Europe’s shale gas industry highlight the urgent need for Britain to exit the EU so we can shape national policy in our interests rather than sacrifice our economy on an altar of ‘green energy’.

By Alan Murad, Deputy Campaign Manager

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