Public want EU vote soon

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In another Get Britain Out opinion poll this morning, we show that 61% support an EU Referendum this side of the General Election. The top line figures are:

  • 61% want an EU Referendum before the next election
  • Less than one-in-five (19%) support the referendum taking place after the election
  • 58% of those planning to vote Conservative want a referendum before the next election
  • 61% of Labour voters want a referendum before the next election
  • 49% of Liberal Democrats want a vote before the election.

The statistic that stands out is that 61% of Labour voters completely disagree with Ed Miliand’s position of denying the people an In/Out EU Referendum. Voters of all parties want an EU Referendum and they want that vote soon!

Our polling shows the disconnect between the political elite and the Great British Public on this vital issue.

Our full polling can be seen here.

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