Public opinion at a low point

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The Mail on Sunday published a poll by Survation which shows that public attitudes towards immigration and the EU have reached a new low. A majority of Brits fear that the influx will depress wages (64.4%), put pressure on public services (64.2%) and increase scarcity of affordable housing (64.4%). Antisocial behaviour like begging (63.1%) and the threat of cultural tensions (66.2) are also major concerns. Just over a third of Brits believe that Romanians and Bulgarians should not have any right to work in the UK (38.7%).

Clearly, our Dear Leader is not up to the challenge presented by these facts. On Sunday’s interview with Andrew Marr, when asked the whereabouts of his ‘list of demands’ that would feature in his renegotiation plan, David Cameron proved evasive. Instead of giving a straight answer he basked in the glory of past ‘successes’ like getting Britain off the hook on Eurozone bailouts. On the issue of borders and having a system to track who is entering and leaving, all he has to say is his plan is ‘on its way’ but it might take a few years. The idea of that man renegotiating our relationship with the EU is both a farce and a tragedy.

The Survation poll gives us a glint of hope. On the EU issue, 50% would vote to leave in a referendum with 16.5% unsure of how they will vote. This could mean that over 60% may vote to leave if pushed but at any rate it certainly shows that the Eurosceptic cause is supported by the majority of British citizens. If the “don’t knows” fail to show up, the figure then increases to 62% and looks like the referendum could just be a formality.

by Alan Murad, Acting Campaign Manager


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