Pro-Europeans should welcome EU Exit

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It is becoming increasingly acceptable to contemplate the possibility that Britain may leave the EU. First it was among eurosceptics and undecided voters. Now pro-integration Euro-enthusiasts are realising the concept of full European Union (political, social and economic) can only be achieved without British participation.

Mary Dejevsky in the Independent this morning highlights the problems British hesitancy has caused and that leaving may not be a bad decision.

Politicians of all stripes in Westminster have been too ready to sit on the fence, to kick the can down the road, to delay – not prevent – further integration. These short term tactics have been disastrous for the UK.

Blair gave away our rebate in return for reform of the CAP. What reform? We’re paying more into EU coffers despite assurances that a budget freeze will be implemented. I won’t mention cast iron guarantees. Labour MP Graham Stringer is spot on – the EU is impossible to reform and the British insistence on renegotiation simply delays the inevitable march towards full Union.

So perhaps the solution is British exit in order to let the EU get on with their banking and fiscal union, their full political union. That way Europhiles get what they’ve wanted and we regain our full sovereignty and independence. Finally, the penny is dropping on both sides of the debate.

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