Poll shows majority want out of the EU

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A recent poll in by Harris Interactive for The Financial Times and published today in The Daily Express reveals just how much of an impact the talk of an In/Out EU Referendum has had upon the electorate.

The poll reveals that if there were an in-out referendum today, half of the British public would vote ‘out’, with just 33 per cent opting to stay within the European Union – including the current Prime Minister.

That is, just 1 in 3 Britons now wish to stay in the EU.

This is a stark contrast to results of a YouGov poll published on the 21st January, just mere days before the PM’s speech, which revealed that more people wished to stay in the EU. The earlier poll indicated that support for the ‘in’ option had overtaken those in support of a withdrawal for the first time during David Cameron’s leadership, with 40 per cent wanting to remain in and 34 per cent in favour of an exit.

With just a mere 1 in 3 members of the British public, far less than half of the entire population, wanting to stay in, why are we still waiting for a decisive in-out referendum?

Yes, one has been promised by Cameron before the end of 2017, but how many times will this potentially become side-lined before being written-off completely in favour of ‘real’ issues that are far ‘more pressing’ than the EU?

The electorate has heard the PM’s EU speech and they are not convinced, nor are they happy. The Great British Public has spoken, 1 in 3 wish to stay, the majority want out and they want out now, so why must we be made to wait ever longer to make a choice that would benefit Britain?

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