The PM’s hand is forced

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David Cameron announced that he will come down hard on benefits for migrants, only weeks before the borders will open to Romania and Bulgaria. The potential influx of immigrants will worsen the crises of housing shortages, NHS waiting times and school places that are getting scarcer day by day.

To add insult to decades of injury, the EU Commissioner Laszlo Andor labelled Britain as “the nasty country” on the Today Programme, speaking of the government’s plan to make it harder for new and current immigrants to claim benefits. Despite such measures being widespread throughout the EU, it is unacceptable to the unelected officials in Brussels when Britain does it. If you listen to Laszo on BBC, you hear a man who simply does not get it, the British public is fed up with getting lectured on what is good for them by unelected nobodies in Brussels.

This is a blatant show of double standards from the European Commission who show no respect for the opinions of British citizens and are defending a policy that is no longer compatible in modern Europe. We see clear proof that Britain’s concerns in the EU are laughed at and get called “hysteria”. We must Get Britain Out of this disrespectful union as soon as possible and reassert British sovereignty.

Alan Murad, Deputy Campaign Manager

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