PM Rules Out Border Control

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This week the Prime Minister ruled out taking action to reduce the number of EU migrants coming to Britain. Cameron defended the EU’s freedom of movement, saying it is right people should be able to move across Europe for work. It makes you wonder what is meant to be the point of ‘Cast Iron Dave’s’ so-called renegotiation strategy, seeing as immigration is one of the main reasons the public is opposed to Brussels.

We are currently experiencing the damage decades of unsustainable immigration  is doing to this country. The extremism in Birmingham schools is a direct result of allowing migrants into Britain at a faster rate than they can be integrated into society.

It is the same with EU immigration. The people of Boston in Lincolnshire and elsewhere can attest to this, with a relentless supply of cheap labour from Europe. The longer we have high immigration levels, the weaker our sense of national identity is, and our society becomes more divided. Our government must be able to set its own cap on the number of people we allow to cross our borders, so the immigration rate can be adjusted in the best interests of our society. Whether these migrants are workers or shirkers, it makes no difference.

As long as we are members of the European Union we will never be able to control our borders. If Cameron, May and Gove are as serious about promoting British values, as they claim to be, they should bring forward the In/Out referendum to next year and campaign to Get Britain Out.

 Alan Murad, Acting Campaign Manager

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