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We are urging all our supporters to send a letter or an e-mail to The Chancellor, Philip Hammond, calling on him to stop trying to undermine Brexit and to accept the will of the Great British Public.

The Chancellor
The Rt Hon Philip Hammond MP
11 Downing Street


Dear Chancellor

Your recent actions, and the actions of the Treasury, have left me deeply disturbed – in particular following your speech at the Conservative Party Conference.

It is the job of a Chancellor in Government to soothe and reassure the financial markets. You appear set on destabilising them.

I understand your efforts to reassure big business the UK is still ‘open for business’ following Brexit. However, this does not mean you should directly oppose the Prime Minister and your Cabinet colleagues when they are trying to achieve what is best for the whole of the United Kingdom, and not just the City.

The recent leaking of an old Treasury report – which had been part of ‘Project Fear’ before the referendum and which had already been discredited – to the Remain-backing Times newspaper earlier last week, seems to demonstrate you seem to be just as willing as your predecessor, George Osborne, to play dirty to get your own way.

Please understand – the Great British Public voted for Brexit and do not like what some of those who have previously supported Remain will try and do to keep the UK in the EU.

Other Remain backers have accepted the result of the referendum and have resolved to make Brexit work. It’s now time for you to do likewise and support the Prime Minister and the three Brexiteers to achieve a truly global United Kingdom.

Yours faithfully

(Insert name here)

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