Philip Davies MP: The Big Issue? It’s The Economy Stupid!

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Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley and veteran Eurosceptic backbencher, has written this exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

EU membership has become the most important topic on the political landscape. If the Conservatives win the General Election this year there will be an In/Out referendum, and when this comes I will be voting to leave.

Back in April 2006 I launched the Better Off Out Group in Parliament which campaigns for the UK to leave the EU.  We all know the EU is hugely wasteful – the EU accounts haven’t been fully signed off by auditors for 19 years – and we all know it is undemocratic.

However, it is also clear that many people are prepared to sacrifice these democratic principles should their job and prosperity depend on it.  This is why the decisive issue which will determine whether or not we leave the EU will be the economy, and so it is on this battleground which we must fight.

EU fanatics constantly tell people that 3 million British jobs depend on EU membership.  This is disgraceful and inaccurate scaremongering which we must nail – otherwise it may prove to be very effective. Many British jobs depend on trade with the EU, but nobody is advocating an end to free trade.

Since we joined the Common Market in 1973, Britain has handed well over £250bn in membership fees alone, and in that time we have run up a balance of trade DEFICIT with the EU amounting to over £300bn.  Given we buy far more from the EU than they buy from us, does anybody seriously think they would stop trading freely with us?  Does anybody really think that BMW and Mercedes would allow the UK market to be restricted from their car sales?

The reality is that every year the EU becomes a further declining part of the world economy.  Our future prosperity lies in developing greater trade with China, India, Brazil, and other emerging economies such as those in Africa. We cannot afford to be saddled to an inward-facing, backward looking protection racket which is what the EU has become.

These same EU fanatics said the British economy would be decimated if we didn’t join the Euro, so their ridiculous scaremongering has already been exposed once and we mustn’t allow them to get away with it again.

When the battle to leave the EU comes around we must remember what the issue is which will win that vote – it’s the economy, stupid!

Philip Davies, MP for Shipley


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