Philip Davies MP: It’s Time To Bust EU Myths

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Philip Davies, Conservative MP for Shipley and veteran Eurosceptic backbencher, has written this exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

In the run up to the EU referendum many myths will be circulated. Therefore, by using the facts, I will try to outline why I believe we are always ‘Better off out’!

The first myth is that the UK must stay in the EU for influence – i.e. we need to be at the top table making the decisions.

Yet, throughout the last 5 years the UK voted against 23 motions in the EU Council – and yet in every single instance the vote was passed against our wishes. So much for our influence!

Instead of being 1 of 9 countries like in 1975, we are now 1 of 28. The EU has grown tremendously over the past 40 years, and with each new country, our influence lessens.

The economy is also an issue concerning voters. Indeed, many people will be happy to accept the loss of sovereignty or the ability to control our borders if this means we will benefit economically by staying in the EU.

Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest myths.

Trade will not be lost in the case of Brexit, and the reason is that trade is a two-way street – our European neighbours make money from us too! In fact, they make more money from us than we do from them. Every year since 1973 Britain has been running a balance of trade deficit with the EU, which was a staggering £62 billion in the most recent year. In fact the House of Commons Library has confirmed that if we left the EU, the UK would be the EU’s single biggest export market (bigger than the US and China), and it is safe to say, Germany will still want to sell us BMWs and Mercedes and France will still want to sell us champagne and cheese!

Another scare story is that millions of jobs would be lost if the UK left the EU. However, when did we suddenly gain millions of jobs by joining the EU? This is because these jobs are not dependant on EU membership, but are related to trade with European countries. Statistical assessments have shown the number of UK jobs dependent on

European trade to be 4.5 million [4,462,270], but the corresponding number of jobs in the remaining EU countries dependant on British trade is nearly 6.5 million [6,394,207].

There are 2 million more jobs dependant on Britain trading with EU countries than vice versa!

Back in 1975 the countries which now make up the EU accounted for 33% of the world economy. Today it is 24% – and by 2030, according to the House of Commons library, it will be 17%.

The EU is a declining part of the world economy. Our future prosperity depends on trading with China, India, South America and the emerging economies in Africa. Not being stuck to an inward-facing, backing-looking protection racket. In short, we would be Better Off Out.

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