Pay more for less

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The Office of National Statistics recorded a 13% increase in Britain’s contribution to the EU in 2012, pushing the net contribution to over £12 billion and marking a record breaking high. As an increase of £1.2 billion in expenditure, we at Get Britain Out say this is ‘another 1.2 billion reasons to leave the EU’.

The costs of being a member of the EU have been rising at a time when Cameron has been wanting to tame the EU budget. The surges in the British contribution from the last couple of years were engineered by Gordon Brown but it stands in stark contrast to Cameron’s goals.

Meanwhile, apologists for the European project claim that the grants and subsidies the EU sends to Britain are among the fruits of membership. However our gross contribution is £20.01 billion while the UK received a measly £7.78 billion of that back from the EU. So, for every pound we receive from Brussels, we’ve had to first pay them more than two pounds.

We must question the sustainability of this system of extortionate fees for inadequate returns. With the EU declining in importance to the UK as a trading partner, our contribution should at the very least reflect this.

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