Paddy Ashdown says we’ll leave the EU

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Paddy Ashdown

The Daily Express reports today that Paddy Ashdown is so worried of the In/Out Referendum announcement that he’s thrown in the towel. Lord Ashdown concedes that Britain will leave the EU.

Our Campaign Director Tim Aker is quoted:

“Paddy Ashdown has said what we’ve known all along, it will be impossible for Cameron to renegotiate looser ties with the EU. To get his flexible arrangement with the EU, the UK will have to leave political union and negotiate a simple free trade agreement. Renegotiation in the EU is a waste of time, especially when EU leaders refuse to budge on their plans for ever closer union. The Prime Minister should listen to the majority of the British public who want the In/Out vote this parliament and call the referendum.”

What Lord Ashdown fails to understand is that our withdrawal would be from political union, not simply “cutting ties”. We can have a simple free trade agreement many other countries have with the EU, without the need to pay £53 million a day to the EU and have them write our laws.

Maybe Lord Ashdown should go to the Bruges Group event on an EU Referendum. Those interested should click here for details.

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