Outrage As Brussels Plans To Slap More Tolls On Our Roads

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Motorists face being clobbered with bills potentially running into thousands of pounds a year under EU proposals for Europe-wide road tolls, it emerged last night.

European Transport Commissioner Violeta Bulc wants a standardised driving tax across all EU member states. Vehicle owners would be charged for every mile driven under a high-tech scheme based on satellite-tracking systems.

Luke Stanley, of cross-party Eurosceptic campaign group Get Britain Out, said:

“The public already pays for the upkeep of British roads through taxes, not to mention roads across Europe funded by our extortionate EU membership fee.

“Brussels bureaucrats like Ms Bulc do not understand the EU’s 28 member states are too divergent for the ‘one size fits all’ approach.

“If we are to resist the damaging policies inflicted upon us by the whims of Eurofanatic zealots, we need to get Britain out the EU.”

Click here to read the full article in the Daily Express.

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Published by Get Britain Out


  • Oldburyite

    Some believe that if Britain opts out of Europe, those countries left within will not trade with us, RUBBISH, it wont make a scrap of difference.
    One commodity that comes from Germany for instance.
    VW are amongst the biggest of exporters to the UK, they arent interested if we are in the Euro Zone or not, if they stop exporting to us, I’m not saying the Germany Economy would collapse, but it would be dealt quite a blow and they cant afford that to happen.
    Brussels has far too much say in what goes on in in Britain, its time they were put firmly in their place.
    I never wanted to be in Europe in the first place and i wont shed any tears when we eventually drop out and we WILL drop out, We can trade with any non Euro Zone Country we wish, because we dont need them.

  • vernony

    Yes they are dreamers (and very left wing at that) , and as such they are high on philosophy. But philosophy can only exist if other people agree with it, and is full of phrases about what people must do, or ought to do. the mystic and obdient polulation of ‘THEY’ is often quoted in philosphy Thus, if your ideas are ever adopted, it will mean criminalising those (THEY) who do not share your ideals…Bit like the old communist Russia…As for trade, well we used to trade with all of the EU couintries in the past before the EU, and if they wish to trade with us, then they will have to let us trade with them

  • Paul McCormick

    We didn’t join the EU we joined a common market thats has just grown and evolved under the control of those who would further their own gains

  • Jarrod

    Abolish the tax disk and pay road tax through fuel. Get an average size engine car, say a 1600 and average annual milage, say 12000. Divide the price of annual road tax with the milage then add that to fuel so we pay for what we use. Smaller cars and cars that Dont use the road that often pay less, bigger cars and cars that use the road a lot pay more. Businesses to get some kind of tax relief. I think this would be a much fairer system !