Our The Independent Letter: Greeks stand up to EU bullying

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Following the major victory of the No vote in the Greek referendum on Sunday The Independent newspaper asked if the Greek vote was a triumph or disaster? (July 7th)

Our Research Executive, Chris Muspratt, responded in a letter:

Political idealism added Greece to the EU in the first place. It does not take an economist to realise the merging of Mediterranean and northern European nations was always a doomed project.

Put into a position where their addiction to cheap euro credit would inevitably come back to bite them, the Greek people have been pushed hard by an arrogant EU, which expects endless sacrifice for its expanding superstate. However, such a premise is not inevitable, and this decisive rejection of EU bullying shows what is possible. We can all say “Oxi” to the Troika.

See page 28 of the The Independent, or to read the letter online, click here.

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