Our Letter to the Brexit War Cabinet Ministers

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Dear Supporters,

Yesterday, ahead of the Brexit War Cabinet meeting, we emailed all those senior Ministers attending. In the email, we warned of the dangers of accepting a Chequers Brexit approach, that breaches the DUP red lines, and would make the UK a vassal state to the EU.

We are exclusively revealing the contents of our email for you to read, and perhaps to share, so you may show you demand your voice to be heard, and that we must CHUCK CHEQUERS!

11th October, 2018

For the Attention of the Rt. Hon [Brexit War Cabinet Minister] MP

Later today, you will be attending a crucial ‘War Cabinet’ meeting with the Prime Minister, in which Mrs May will apparently be reporting on where we stand, and what progress has been made in the Brexit negotiations.

The update the PM will give is likely to involve the matter of the moment: the Irish Border, and the ways and means of resolving this problem.

There are many rumours circulating about this meeting which are of concern to us, among these are suggestions you will be asked to support a Brexit deal which introduces a ‘backstop’ for the whole of the UK, for an unlimited period of time. This would keep the UK in the Customs Union, as well as keep Northern Ireland in the EU Single Market. (The EU has already informed the Prime Minister it will not accept ‘backstop’ arrangements which are time-limited, and no doubt would end up capitulating, yet again, to the EU if she were to suggest a time limit!)

As you will be aware, this proposal would be completely unacceptable.

It would mean a completely ineffectual Brexit and limit our freedom to expand our trade options into the global market and not simply be tied to the stranglehold of our current EU membership.

  • The DUP, who prop up your minority government, have already stated this backstop proposal is simply unacceptable, and have vowed to abandon the Conservative Party should this plan be followed through with. This should not be treated as a hollow threat; they are, after all, a staunchly UNIONIST party, and even displayed a show of force in their abstinence from the Agriculture Bill yesterday.
  • This proposal would keep us permanently tied to the EU as a simple rule-taker.
  • The UK can be one of the great, independent trading nations of the world once more – if we get the right deal – which, at the moment, Chequers does not deliver.
  • This would not fulfil the main reason we voted for Brexit in the first place: sovereignty. We would not be ‘taking back control’, and, though you are keen to point out that our island would leave the Single Market, the CAP, and the CFP, you must also be well aware, other alternative plans would also achieve this, without leaving us as a colonised state.
  • It would be entirely disingenuous to deceive the Great British Public into believing that any deal we agree upon could me amended and worked on at a later date – the EU would have to agree an end date to the current plan, and, further, why would the EU accept any concessions at a later point?
  • Finally, this plan would risk Brexit entirely.

If this meeting later today ends in you, as a member of the so-called ‘Brexit War Cabinet’ accepting and backing such a proposal, disastrous consequences will ensue. All members of this group backed the ‘Chequers proposal’ and you have all witnessed the consequences of doing so, both with a large number of Conservative MPs and Ministers either resigning or threatening to vote against the Prime Minister’s proposals, as well as voting against the Chancellor’s Budget on the 29th October.

If worst comes to worst, and May suffers a vote of No Confidence, and you lose the DUP’s backing, then the country is at risk – however small – of a General Election.

This would be a huge risk to the entire Brexit process, as it will not only delay negotiations, it could possible set us back to square one in terms of negotiating how we depart from the EU, and it could clearly risk a Labour Government coming into power (under Jeremy Corbyn), which is unclear about their Brexit views at best; and complete Remainers at their worst – apart from their stated support of Brexit at the last General Election. Clearly, they could be a devastating risk, not only to our economy as in the past, but also to the promise the Conservative Party themselves also gave for Brexit at the General Election.

As time goes by, the misnomer of a ‘people’s vote’ will also pick up traction, as voters distrust the Government even more than they have done recently, and become increasingly disillusioned with the state of the Brexit negotiations. Should this latest plan be adopted, it would be a disaster for our country, our democracy, the Conservative Party – and the voters, as well as an insult to our history.

Get Britain Out is a huge cross-party grassroots campaign. We represent the voices of the people and we have a massive reach, millions on Facebook and Twitter, into a massive section of the Leave voters in the population. The opinions we voice are not those of big businesses or some of the very wealthy. Rather, we represent the little guys – average citizens whose voices are so frequently ignored, but whose votes put you on the green benches in Parliament, and who act as the beating heart of this country. If you are seriously considering ignoring the will of 17.4 million of us, then, we are afraid, you will get everything you deserve. Our fight does not end here – we will continue to restlessly press for you to Get Britain Out – not in name only – but in practice, too.

More than 50,000 of our supporters recently counter-signed our letter to the Prime Minister expressing serious concern over the Chequers proposal – a letter and all the signatures were hand-delivered by members of our team to 10 Downing Street on 8th August earlier this year. The Prime Minister did not even acknowledge receipt of the letter and the signatures of those who also signed it, demonstrating she is arrogant enough not to consider ordinary voters when she is making plans for our future and the future of our country!

You supported the Chequers proposal, and no doubt you will support this latest update to the Brexit negotiations.

No doubt you might even support the point made by Michael Gove at the end of his Sky News interview today, which was entirely disingenuous when he stated:

A Good Deal would be better than No Deal”.

If this is the Deal, it is NOT A GOOD DEAL for Brexit Britain’s future in what should be a time to embrace the most exciting possibilities for Global Britain in the GREAT WIDE WORLD OUT THERE TODAY!

Please do what is right for democracy, your country, and our future.

DO NOT accept a botched Brexit proposal.

Expressing our serious concerns,

Jayne Adye, Director, the Team, and Supporters of Get Britain Out

Director, Get Britain Out Director, Get Britain Out Limited Director, The EU Referendum Campaign Limited

Website: www.GetBritainOut.org | Twitter @GetBritainOut | Facebook https://www.facebook.com/GetBritainOut

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