Our first front page hit

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We’ve had a major success here at Get Britain Out today with our first Daily Express front page!

We were able to draw attention to the fact that the EU seems to think that the Euro crisis will be helped by not only mass immigration, but by “social security co-ordination”, that is to say giving immigrants greater access to benefits without paying into the pot beforehand.

I don’t think you could conceive a better example of the peculiar dream world Eurocrats inhabit than the fact that they seem to think that there is a labour shortage. Here in Britain for instance, with unemployment at nearly 8%, and youth unemployment at a whopping 21.6%, the last thing we need is a mass influx of largely unskilled labour.

This simply proves what has been obvious from the start, that the architects of the EU project could not care less for individual member nations and their citizens, and that they are happy to sacrifice the people they are meant to represent in the name of their grand design for ever closer union.

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