Our economy to soar beyond the EU

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The Daily Express carries a story to add to the argument to leave the EU, one that will untangle the myth that we will be hit in the pocket if we left the EU.

The bright sparks at Capital Economics have calculated that the British economy will soar beyond the EU economies as we start to grow and they get dragged even further down by the Eurozone and their determination to keep the Euro together. Upon leaving political union and deregulating, we would undoubtedly grow even more, taking full advantage of our seat at the WTO and the possibility to negotiate trade deals.

This means more jobs for the British economy, fewer for those in the EU and Eurozone in particular.

It’s timely as we warned recently about EU plans to pay for unemployed EU workers to get interviews and resettle in the UK. We have to make sure there are jobs for our unemployed youngsters first; it’s the duty of the government to be the servants of the people and not the masters. We can only do that outside the European Union.

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