Open Letter to Lord Rose of Monewden, Chairman of Britain Stronger in Europe

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Dear Lord Rose

With respect, and as we are great admirers of what you achieved while you were at M&S, it pains us to say that as the Chairman of the new ‘Remain’ campaign, you have been rather cynically used by those spin doctors and politicians who dominate your new campaign. We are afraid many of the so called ‘truths’ of our EU membership which you are now preaching, are quite simply not in accordance with the true facts.

May we give you a few examples?

In your speech on Monday, you stated 3 million jobs are at risk should the public decide to quit the European Union – yet a report by the IEA, backed up by Treasury officials, has proved this to be a falsity. With less than 5% of UK businesses directly trading with the EU, the number of jobs potentially lost in the event of Brexit would be minimal. The only jobs which will certainly be lost in the event of Brexit will be those 73 UK MEPs who will have to find other gainful employment.

Your assurance that the benefits of being in the EU clearly outweigh the costs also fails to ring true. Since 2004, cost benefit analyses (CBA’s) by Britain’s leading economists, have consistently shown the costs of the UK’s membership of the EU outweigh any positives. The net costs have been consistently above £100 billion since 2008, with a £185 billion figure estimated in a detailed 40-page analysis by respected economist Professor Tim Congdon CBE in 2014.

Lord Rose, you are attempting to try and trick voters into believing the EU actually saves British households money are in vain. The cost of damaging red-tape legislation on small British businesses is estimated to be as high as £30 billion, and as the former head of a major company, you should appreciate how this can cause a major strain on those looking to break into the British market.

You have called for Britain to lead change in the EU, yet you have neglected to examine the European Council voting records. The UK has not managed to block a single proposal since 1996, despite attempting to do so 72 times. Please can you explain how we can bring any positive change to the EU when we are constantly outvoted 27 – 1.

It saddens us to see such an eminent businessman as you being manipulated in this way. Whatever happened to your calls in 2013 for fundamental change in the UK’s relationship with the EU in order to preserve ‘Britain’s prosperity’? Why are you now determined to stay in the EU at any cost?

We fundamentally hope you recognise the cynical manner in which you are being manipulated by these minions in Brussels, and will repent this foul betrayal of the Great British Public.

Yours sincerely,

Jayne Adye,

Director Get Britain Out

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