Only a pre-Election, In/Out EU vote will do

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The only way David Cameron can please Get Britain Out tomorrow is to announce an In/Out EU referendum before the next General Election and campaign for an Out vote.

Anything else ignores the politics of the EU and the way it is changing, leaving Britain sleep walking into a fully integrated political and economic European Union.

David Cameron is right to say the EU is changing. He is wrong to say it is changing in a way that could lead to “less Europe” and looser ties.

In the clearest, most unequivocal of statements (odd for Eurocrats) the Irish Taoiseach yesterday replied to UKIP MEP John Bufton saying that there was no possibility of “27 different conditions of membership” for each member state. Martin Schultz, the President of the European Parliament, says this sort of renegotiation would lead to the break-up of the EU. That, obviously, is a scenario the EU-enthusiasts will never imagine.

So even before the negotiations have started, even before the speech, renegotiation has been written off. The shopping list is pointless because the shop has shut.

It is with these clear statements from senior EU officials, going back some time, that leave us flabbergasted that renegotiation is proposed at all.

Again, we need only look to the EU to see what it is doing. The only solution is “more Europe”, more integration and harmonisation. Fiscal Union comes into force in 2017. Precisely how that creates an opportunity for a looser EU is a mystery. Rather, with the other 26 heading in one direction to full unity, the only opportunity is for the UK to leave altogether and negotiate a free trade deal. The EU is rather keen on free trade agreements with non-EU states, after all.

It is now up to the politicians to be honest, for once, and be straight with the British people. The only options are all in, or out and a genuine trade based relationship.

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