No nuclear for you, have wind farms instead…

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A row is brewing up between the UK and Germany over how both countries should work to reduce CO2 emissions by 2030. The UK is choosing to proceed by using nuclear power which is able to produce phenomenal amounts of energy within a small area and is supported by 46% of the British public versus 25% who think it’s bad. The Germans have decided to use wind and solar power and they wish to make this the norm across Europe.

On the face of it, you might think that the Germans are opting for a risk free strategy as the German government and public are very cautious of nuclear power, which does not enjoy the same level of support it does here in the UK. The main reason why Germany is choosing to try and enforce this norm on Europe is because German companies would benefit. For example, the German firm Siemens built all 405 offshore wind turbines off the coast of Britain in the past year, according to The Times. It is incredibly obvious that Germany’s motivation is self-interest. In the name of big business, the German government is prepared to overrule British public opinion by imposing unpopular wind farms in this country.

If this German led attempt succeeds it will be another piece of evidence that shows that the EU is increasingly dominated by Germany and that Britain’s say is becoming even more worthless. The EU was designed so that no single nation would dominate Europe but it is clear that this is happening and that the EU will fail in its mission. Britain, as a self-governing democracy, must be free to choose its own energy policy regardless of what the EU or any other country thinks.

Alan Murad, Deputy Campaign Manager

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