Now ‘mad’ EU says mobility scooters must be insured

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European Union bureaucrats have provoked fresh fury by ordering owners of lawnmowers, golf buggies and mobility scooters to get motor insurance, the Daily Express reports.

All motor-driven vehicles, including those that never leave private land, will have to be covered.

Alan Murad of the Eurosceptic cross-party campaign Get Britain Out, said:

“This EU directive must have been drafted by comedians.

“The idea of taking out insurance for golf buggies and mobility scooters is frankly insane, but sanity is something in short supply in Brussels.

“This is another example of Eurocrats indulging their addiction to over-regulate every facet of our lives.

“All this will achieve is make a few Eurocrats feel good about themselves, as well burden the British consumer with enormous costs.

“Golfers will especially see their memberships fees skyrocket because their buggies will have to be insured.

“The old and the infirm will be penalised for using their mobility scooters, as well as gardeners who just want to keep a tidy lawn.

“The only ones who benefit are the insurance companies.

“Remaining in the EU will entail more of this politically correct nonsense, more hysteria over health and safety, ever more reason to Get Britain Out.”

Click here to read the full article in the Daily Express.

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