Not one penny more to the EU

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Tonight’s debate on the EU budget will get a bit confusing. There was originally one amendment that called for a cut in the EU budget. Quite reasonably the authors Mark Pritchard and Mark Reckless noted the cuts at home and believe the EU should do the same. A majority of the Great British Public will obviously support this position.

Yesterday afternoon, however, another amendment was tabled as a compromise (read: spoiler). This calls for a cut or a freeze in EU budget contributions. The not so subtle third-way (where have we heard that before) is simply not on and is incredibly disappointing.

We should not be sending one penny more to the EU. It hasn’t had its accounts signed off for 17 years.

Parliament should endorse a cut in the EU budget to represent British antipathy to our EU membership. It will then hopefully take us one step closer to an In/Out EU Referendum and our national independence.

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