No more money for the EU

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The EU has run out of money and has come round with the begging bowl again.

The European Union now demands that the Great British Public fork over another £1bn to the EU because it has overspent. That’s on top of the £18bn we send them annually.

I can’t remember a year where the EU didn’t overspend. They squander our money on two parliaments, the travelling circus every month from Brussels to Strasbourg. The EU accounts haven’t been signed off by the auditors for well over a decade. Herman van Rompuy is even paid more than the President of the USA.

The EU will always run out of money because it doesn’t know how to spend taxpayers’ money. It’s burning our money on some fanatical march towards full union. Would you seriously want the EU to run a banking and fiscal union when it can’t run its own affairs?

If the EU was a business, it would have gone bankrupt long ago. The government should veto any requests for more money to only be squandered in the EU. The Great British Public has had enough.

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