No democracy in the Eurozone

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Euractiv reports that the EU has gained yet more power over Eurozone budgets.

From March Eurozone governments will send their draft budgets to the European Commission in preparation for 2014.

This is quite unbelievable. It’s like having an arsonist give advice on fire safety. The EU accounts haven’t been signed off in 18 years. Billions of Euros have gone missing. Fraud is rife. Their policies are contributing to permanent economic stagnation. EU GDP as a share of global output is shrinking. What gives the European Commission the right or the expertise to monitor Eurozone budgets when it can barely get its own in order?

In order to achieve ever closer union, the Eurozone member states have officially abandoned their democracy. Eurozone governments will no longer be able to decide the policies that will change the lives of their people. It will be the unelected European Commission. The servants of the people have become the masters.

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