Mr Blair didn’t get the funny

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Tony Blair has had a sense of humour bypass.

His Tonyness might have been pleased at first to hear a small crowd outside his Chatham house speech yesterday chanting “Tony Blair for President of Europe”. After all, his calls for an elected European president at the end of October were widely interpreted as a job application.

The group followed up their ironic cheerleading with a marvellous website, which is so good you might take it seriously until one gets to the poster of Blair captioned “Integrity in action”, followed by one of the former PM with dark Lord Peter Mandelson entitled “back together and it feels so good”.

However, his new twitter feed, “tonyblaireurope”, clearly wasn’t impressed, tweeting: “We can confirm that site has nothing to do with Tony Blair. It’s a fake & we’re seeking advice on take-down”.

All we can say is – get a sense of humour, Mr Blair.

Image: Flickr

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