More Money for Less Influence

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Do you believe politicians when they say Britain is a key player in the EU?

Neither do we!

The Great British Public has long doubted Britain has any real influence in Europe and now we’ve been proved correct, after Business for Britain published a report showing the UK has virtually no influence over EU legislation.

Over the last 20 years, Britain has voted NO to 55 proposed EU laws – yet the Council of the European Union still passed the legislation every time.

Britain is by far one of the biggest players in the European Union. Our net contribution to the EU’s needlessly large budget (€130 billion in 2011/12) is one of the largest of any Member State, behind only Germany and France. Yet our very generous contribution to Brussels’ coffers does not correspond with our influence on EU law and policy. If Britain is unable to prevent detrimental laws being passed, then what is the point of our even being in the EU?  Likewise, if Europe stands in the way of the UK trading with India and other non-European powers, why should we continue to be a member of this ridiculous club?

During the long-awaited debate between Nigel Farage and Nick Clegg on Wednesday evening, the UKIP leader demolished Clegg’s financial arguments. The already massive cost of Britain’s membership of the EU rises on a daily basis – and will continue to do so for as long as the European Parliament keeps on demanding the odd billion from the UK, as it had the temerity to do earlier this month when another £2.5 billion was asked for.  And it isn’t just the demand for additional direct payments – EU directives are also an unmitigated drain on our economy.

Dominic Kirby, Research Executive

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