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According to a column on page 19 of The Times, the European Commission is to set up a news outlet to counter the terribly negative press coverage they suffer as a consequence of their incompetence and contempt for democracy. It is to cost €3.2 million and use ten languages. The EC wants ‘quality journalism’ as it considers the mainstream press reporting to be a ‘shallow’ representation of the EU.

The EC hopes that the news agency will take a ‘broader European perspective’ which will marginalise ‘national and local concerns’. The mission statement also says the coverage will be ‘balanced and neutral’, though in actuality the content will be propaganda for the European project. We can assume that as far as the European Commission is concerned, nothing less than high praise will constitute neutrality. Paying for their own news agency is a desperate response to the plummeting popularity of the EU across Europe. They know they are losing the war for hearts and minds.

Update: Here is the full tender documentation for the procurement process.

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