Millions spent on pro-EU lobby groups

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The Institute of Economic Affairs has produced a new report entitled “Euro Puppets: The European Commission’s remaking of civil society”. It exposes how much taxpayers’ money is funding pro-EU lobby groups to propagandise to the peoples of Europe.

Gems include:

“Many of the groups which receive the Commission’s patronage would struggle to exist without statutory funding. For example, Women in Europe for a Common Future received an EC grant of €1,219,213 in 2011, with a further €135,247 coming from national governments. This statutory funding made up 93 per cent of its total income while private donations contributed €2,441 (0.2 per cent) and member contributions just €825 (0.06 per cent).”

The analysis shows the Commission spends nothing on groups that question the EU’s direction towards ever closer union.

It’s a timely and excellent report that comes a week before the EU budget vote.

We will continue to expose the sham deal made a few weeks ago. Regardless of whether it passes or not, UK budget contributions are going to increase. That was always the plan. This important piece of research shows the EU budget could have been cut further.

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