MEPs Provoke Anger by BLOCKING Move to Fully Reveal Expenses Spending

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MEPs have provoked anger by voting against moves to increase public scrutiny over their claims for lavish Brussels expenses.

Proposals to force the politicians to publish annual accounts of their use of a £3,000 monthly office allowance were discussed at the European Parliament earlier this week.

But MEPs backed an amendment watering down the proposal.

Critics said the move will block voters from getting a full breakdown of how around £28million of European taxpayers’ money is spent annually.

Alan Murad, of cross-party grassroots Eurosceptic campaign group Get Britain Out, said:

“The MEPs have effectively voted to grant themselves a carte blanche for spending £28 million on themselves each and every year.

“That these politicians are granted £28 million a year, on top of their salaries, is bad enough, but being allowed to spend it without supervision is reprehensible.

“It’s high time the great British public upended the trough these Europhile politicians all seem to have their snouts in, by voting to get Britain out of the EU.”

Click here to read the full online version of this story in the Daily Express (page 7 of the hard-copy).

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