Lynton Crosby is Tory Eurosceptics’ Choice to Secure British exit

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The Independent on Sunday reported Eurosceptic groups are interested in recruiting the Conservative Party’s senior strategist Lynton Crosby, dubbed the ‘Wizard of Oz’, to help fight the Out campaign:

“Eurosceptic Conservative MP’s want Lynton Crosby, the Australian strategist who oversaw David Cameron’s pollster-defying re-election success, to take command of the campaign to secure Britain’s exit from the EU.

“They believe that hiring that man dubbed the “Wizard of Oz” is their best chance of securing an exit vote in the EU referendum due for 2017.”

Get Britain Out is included among the major Eurosceptic campaigns groups campaigning for Out:

“A senior member of the nascent exit campaign – which includes Business for Britain, Better Off Out and Get Britain Out – said that colleagues were getting “very excited” about the strategy role, but thought that Mr Crosby was more likely to secure a lucrative corporate role. The source added that an overarching Out group is likely to be launched in September, so that it can hold events at the political party conferences starting later that month.”

“The largest grassroots campaign is called Get Britain Out.”

Click here to read the full article in The Independent on Sunday.

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