Our Daily Telegraph Letter: Brown’s “North Korea” Quip

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The former Prime Minister Gordon Brown said if Britain left the EU, we would be “out in the cold with few friends” and “no influence”. He thinks if we left the EU, Britain would be the “North Korea of Europe” (March 10).

Get Britain Out couldn’t let such a ludicrous comment stand. Our Research Executive, Alan Murad, responded in a letter published today in the Daily Telegraph:

“SIR – The former prime minister Gordon Brown has said that Britain’s exit from the EU would turn the country into the “North Korea” of Europe.

We’ve heard the same scaremongering time and time again, repeating the myth that “bigger is better”. If size mattered so much to fostering trade, Singapore would be an impoverished state rather than a bustling commercial centre.

Mr Brown is peddling an economically illiterate argument. We have strong links with English-speaking nations including Australia, Canada and America. Unless we get Britain out of the EU, we remain impotent bystanders as Brussels governs our trade and commercial policy.”

See page 21 of the Daily Telegraph, or to read the letter online, click here.

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