Let’s Keep Pushing! – Reply to Theresa May’s Praise for Chequers

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Theresa May is attempting to sell the Chequers proposal to Conservative Party members. Help us show that the Great British Public are not buying her lies! Send the below letter to her email, and via post.

EMAIL: Copy and paste the letter below into an email and send to: mayt@parliament.uk

POST: Print out the letter below and send two copies. One to Downing Street and one to her constituency office.

10 Downing St, Westminster, London SW1A 2AA
Castle End Farm, 2, Castle End, Ruscombe, Reading RG10 9XQ

For those of you sending the letter by email, please note you will receive an automatic reply, indicating that to contact the Prime Minister you must fill in a form. You can do so if you wish, but the email you have sent should suffice. The Prime Minister’s constituency inbox will be overflowing with emails from Get Britain Out supporters, meaning she may not reply to each one but will certainly get the message!

The Prime Minister, the Rt Hon Theresa May MP
10 Downing Street,
London, SW1A 2AB


Dear Prime Minister,

I am writing to you as a supporter of Get Britain Out, in response to this letter sent by you to all Conservative Party members on 3rd August, in which you attempt to justify the Chequers proposal. Unfortunately, Prime Minster, what you are seeking does not pass the taste test of being a proper Brexit; a Brexit in which the sovereignty currently surrendered to Brussels returns to the Palace of Westminster.

Your words have been carefully chosen, undoubtedly with input from those Remainers who surround you, to conceal the reality of what you pursue. For many, it is these shadowy tactics of implicit dishonesty which shows you cannot be trusted to implement our decision made in the EU Referendum on 23rd June 2016.

Talk of a ‘Common Rulebook’ with the EU is a misrepresentation. The legal order of the EU’s Single Market would not allow its rules to be shaped by a 3rd country. In reality, the rulebook will only be ‘Common’ owing to the fact all British businesses will be forced to comply with those laws made in Brussels. The notion the EU Commission would allow its legislative programme to be shaped by the British Government is outlandish to say the least.

As such, British companies who lead the way in exciting new industries – such as biotechnology – will continue to find their entrepreneurial spirit dampened by excessive red tape emanating from the EU. Of course, the implications of continuing to follow EU edicts is that the European Court of Justice will maintain its presence in our legal order, incrementally extending its scope.

None of this is taking back control of our sovereignty, our legal system, our courts, or our trade policy.

Regulations governing the production of goods and agrifoods is increasingly done at a global level. A point which you, yourself, have admitted. Given that leaving the European Union will allow us to have our own voice, and play a greater role in international forums; the notion of continuing to simply mimmick EU standards, is self-defeating. Likewise, those exporters who do predominantly export to the EU will have little difficulty in continuing to do so, owing to the fact they are currently compliant.

The benefit of independence comes from freeing up those many thousands of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises who do not export to the Continent, but are still forced to comply with EU rules! British business is much more than just the big conglomerates who are bending your ear!

You, Prime Minister have put yourself – instead of a Brexiteer- at the head of the final negotiations. It therefore falls on you to deliver the full Brexit which would make Britain a truly competitive economic environment.

The proposed regulatory straightjacket, will also undermine trade negotiations with other countries. Without the necessary flexibility to adjust our standards in certain fields, British negotiators will find themselves with fewer devices to conduct fruitful talks with the likes of America, Australia, India, and China. Your current proposals do not deliver the ‘Global Britain’ you described at Lancaster House.

Talk of a ‘Parliamentary Lock’ against harmful rules may have been enough to persuade career-minded Brexiteers such as Michael Gove and Andrea Leadsom to back your negotiating position – so far – but it is little more than a theoretical solution to genuine concerns. The implications for trade of using this ‘Lock’ render it an obsolete device, and one which would never see the light of day.

Perhaps worst of all though is that the Chequers plan and your ‘White Paper’ are just your opening gambits! Concessions have been made in pre-emption of EU demands, and now face the inevitable prospect of being watered down even further. We have already seen Michel Barnier point out that a Single Market exclusively for goods is a non-starter, unless it also includes ‘Services’ – which are 80% of the UK’s GDP!

And so begins the slow and steady decline from the ‘Brexit means Brexit’ you promised, to Brexit in Name Only. Please do not patronise us, Mrs May. We know a fudge when we see one. Ahead of you lies a binary choice. Continue with the Chequers approach, alienate the Party membership, put the Conservatives out of Government for a generation, and concoct a legacy of treason for yourself; or summon a modicum of resolve and go in to bat for the United Kingdom.

Yours sincerely,

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