Leaving the EU means Leaving the EU

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

This year the British people voted to ‘Leave’ the EU.
17.4m people voted for us to leave a failed, anti-democratic organisation.
Yet, the Liberal Democrats want to have a second referendum on the terms of our exit.
Owen Smith, the Labour MP for Pontypridd, wants a second referendum and wants to keep us in the EU.

They insult our intelligence and look down on us because they do not think we are intelligent enough to make big decisions for ourselves.

There is no ‘Hard Brexit’ or ‘Soft Brexit’. There is only ‘Brexit’.

Leaving the EU means precisely this – Leaving.
This means leaving the Single Market and the Customs Union.

Access to the Single Market is completely different to membership of it. Membership of the Single Market means having to accept freedom of movement of people.
Yet this is another false argument from the Remoaners.
They conflate access with membership in order to confuse the people.
America and Iran both have access to the Single Market, but they are not members of it.
We can only truly control our own borders by leaving the Single Market.

We also have to leave the Customs Union.
Otherwise, we cannot ever be free to set our own tariffs in trade agreements.

Any deal other than the above, means we Remain in the EU by the backdoor.

Recently, 89 rebel MPs voted to defy the will of the people.
What part of the word ‘Democracy’ do they not understand?
The voters should make a note of their names and vote accordingly at the next General Election.

The Establishment might not like it, but their arrogance and contempt for the British people was exposed and defeated on June 23rd this year.

The Government cannot afford to be seen as going soft on Brexit. There is a perception at the moment, that they are backsliding on any potential negotiations.
What is more worrying is that after we had voted to Leave, it transpired the Government had no contingency plans in place for such an outcome.
This is why they are in such a mess at the moment.

It took over 40 years for the British people to have a say in their own destiny.

They will not forgive the Government if it fails to deliver – in full – what the people voted for.

We voted for free trade, the return of sovereignty and control of our borders.

It is time the Government acted and delivered Brexit in full.

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