Lady in blue gives Cameron the blues

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Angela Merkel’s controversial visit to London yesterday has caused anger and dismay after she flatly refused to listen to the Great British Public’s demands and concerns on Europe.

The German Chancellor was given a platform for banging the EU drum when she addressed both the Lords and Commons. To David Cameron’s great disappointment, she confirmed what we all know: freedom of movement is not up for renegotiation. Although Merkel accepted freedom of movement can be and is open to gross abuse, she made it clear that ditching the open borders is not something the EU is prepared to countenance. Freedom of movement is the greatest achievement of the EU, she told both Houses, and there would be no significant compromises to give Britain or David Cameron.

Yet what should have been a PR triumph for the German Chancellor and her EU bandwagon was overshadowed by the well-timed release of damning immigration figures. They show an annual net increase of 200,000 immigrants, the majority from other EU countries. It means immigration levels to the UK are now at their highest point since 1964.

As Melanie Phillips said on the BBC’s Question Time yesterday, “The European Union’s founding principle is the free movement of labour… that’s the rule you accept, if you don’t want it you have to get out, there is no alternative.”

Get Britain Out thanks Angela Merkel for her condescending visit to Britain, but we believe renegotiation of Britain’s membership of the European Union has a natural limit. If the EU refuses to even discuss the “freedoms” which affect Britain so much, then it is futile to try to renegotiate our membership.  Get Britain Out has always believed renegotiation is not an option as we have been told many times the EU is not willing to accept anything near what we need – a simple trading relationship and a Brexit agreement for a swift and amicable exit from the Union.  It would be a much better for all concerned.

Dominic Kirby
Research Assistant

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