Labour MPs & Lords mustn’t block a referendum

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A ComRes poll commissioned by Get Britain Out showed that more than a fifth of voters (22%) would be less likely to vote for Labour at the next General Election, if their MPs or Lords succeeded in preventing the EU Referendum Bill from going through. The figures prove that Ed Miliband can’t escape responsibility for the actions of individual Labour parliamentarians, even if Labour maintains its position of not actively voting as a party against the referendum.

While a relatively high proportion of people said that their vote would not be affected either way, this of course includes a large number of people who would not consider voting Labour in the first place.

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The were also some results in the breakdown of the poll respondents’ 2010 votes and 2015 voting intentions that are particularly significant for Labour’s electoral chances. Nearly one in 10 (9%) of those intending to vote Labour at the next election said they would be less likely to vote for the party.

Another key group that Labour needs to win over is those that voted Liberal Democrat in 2010. However nearly a fifth (19%) of these voters said they would be less likely to vote Labour if their MPs or Lords prevented an EU referendum from becoming law.

Now that the EU Referendum Bill has reached the House of Lords, the message for Ed Miliband and Nick Clegg is clear: they must tell the peers in their party not to sabotage the EU referendum bill. They will be shooting themselves in the foot if they let some of their Lords deny the people their say on our EU membership.

Additionally, in response to other questions, 39% of people said that Britain would be economically stronger if we were not members of the EU. This is 12% more than said we were economically stronger because Britain is in the European Union (27%). Also, when asked how they would vote were there an In/Out referendum tomorrow, there was a clear majority for leaving the EU (44% versus 32% to stay).

ComRes interviewed 2,003 GB adults between the 18th and 19th September. Data were weighted to be representative of all GB adults aged 18+. ComRes is a member of the British Polling Council and abides by its rules. See the full results here.

James Harvard, Campaign Manager

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