Kill Bill: Part 1?

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James Wharton’s EU Referendum Bill has been killed off in the House of Lords, to probably nobody’s astonishment. A bunch of unelected peers have seen fit to deny the Great British Public a say on our membership of a union which governs us through unelected officials in Brussels. A fitting end to James Wharton’s Private Member Bill, that is now dead in the water.

Following the vote in the Lords, in an interview with Sky News, David Cameron said: “Irrespective of the fate of this Private Member’s Bill today, if I am Prime Minister after 2015, there will be that renegotiation and there will be that referendum.” He goes on to say that if another Bill is drafted in the next session of Parliament, he will support it, and that an In/Out referendum will ultimately not depend on a Private Members Bill in this session or the next, but it will depend on him being Prime Minister at the next General Election.

Cameron is aware that even if his backbenchers demand a government bill, there will be no chance that it will pass in the face of Liberal Democrat and Labour opposition. The question now is whether Cameron will be true to his word and possess the courage to use the ‘nuclear option’ of the Parliament Act, to get the Referendum Bill bypassed through the House of Lords.

Alan Murad
Acting Campaign Manager

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