Joe Biden can bog off

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Joe biden

American Vice President, Joe Biden, can bog off. He is yet another foreign politician poking his nose where it doesn’t belong, namely restating Obama’s line that Britain needs to stay in the EU.

The clownish second-in-command to Obama reeled off the line that British withdrawal from the EU would jeopardise peace in the European continent. With a statement so buffoonish, one doesn’t know where to begin to put it right.

Outside the EU, we can be good neighbours with the EU. We fully intend to trade with the EU, setting up a free trade agreement the EU has and is negotiating with countries all over the world. We don’t need to be in the EU to trade with it.

Outside the EU, we will still be an influential country. We are a lead member in NATO, a permanent member of the UN Security Council and we will be able to retake our seat at the World Trade Organisation when discussing trade matters.

Frankly, Biden hasn’t a clue.

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