It’s time to regain our borders

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an article for Get Britain Out: 

This week the official EU estimates from its statistics body Eurostat were released. The projections are a serious cause for concern.

By 2080, the UK population will increase by twice as much as the rest of Europe put together. The estimated population is 85 million. The British population will have risen to 76 million by 2037 which is higher than France or Germany.

By 2080 another 21 million will have arrived.

In comparison, the rest of the EU will have grown by 11 million.

More often than not you hear cries of Xenophobia whenever immigration is discussed. This is patent nonsense. The people of this country have every right to be concerned about the level of immigration. It is simply not possible for a country such as Britain to absorb these kind of numbers. If immigration is allowed to carry on unchecked, a further strain on our infrastructure will occur.

Put simply, that means more pressure on schools, hospitals, dental surgeries and housing. Not to mention our benefits service.
The Prime Minister is highly unlikely to achieve anything in his renegotiations over freedom of movement as this is a key tenet of the EU.

Germany is making threatening noises over the migrant crisis and the fact that Britain has so far refused to absorb many of them. We need to stand firm on this.
We should only consider helping some of those who are fleeing war or a despotic regime. As Nigel Farage said we should consider offering refugee status to “a few thousand ” Syrian refugees. But Britain should not be seen as an open door. The EU’s definition of asylum policy also needed redefining. Any one else who is attempting to come here illegally should be sent back home immediately.
Home Secretary Theresa May said this week that EU immigrants should only be allowed free movement if they have a job to go to. Surely she must have known that the other key member states would never agree to this? May might as well talk to a brick wall.

What Britain needs is a Prime Minister and Home Secretary with a set of cojones big enough to tell other member states (especially Germany) that we are unilaterally stopping free movement immediately. After all, what can they do?

It is utterly ridiculous of Mr Juncker to declare that freedom of movement is the EU’s great achievement. The open borders policy has failed spectacularly. Our politicians have been in a state of denial about the serious threat to our borders for some time and continue to be in denial.

We need to beef up our border forces and tell other member states our position on freedom of movement is non negotiable. If that means the end result is our exit from the EU, then so be it.

It is time for us to regain our borders.

In the forthcoming referendum we will have the chance to do just that and say au revoir and auf wiedersehen to the EU.

We must Get Britain Out.



Robert Barnes is a 50 year old Conservative Eurosceptic.

Robert has been active in politics for many years. He joined the Young Conservatives in 1982 in his home city of Leeds and has campaigning experience in both local, General and European Elections.

In 1992 and 1997, Robert worked closely on Timothy Kirkhope’s General Election campaigns in North East Leeds.

Since moving to Oldham in 2005, Robert has stood as a Conservative Candidate in Local Elections in Oldham campaigning on a platform of leaving the EU.

Robert believes that it is time for a new generation to have their say on our future membership of the EU.

Robert feels that Britain’s future is global and is better placed if we #GetBritainOut.

You can follow Robert on Twitter @Toryeurosceptic.

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