It’s official: Britons are happy with Brexit but Labour wants to change that

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A number of prominent Labour MPs are “gunning” for a Referendum in a bid to gain political ground over the Conservatives, a well-placed source within the party has claimed.

Speaking with Get Britain Out this week, the source claimed “a few dozen influential” party members believe opposing Brexit on the basis the Tories were in “disarray” would help their electoral ambitions.

The source added: “There certainly is a feeling that a majority of people, regardless of how they voted last June, think this negotiation team is failing and that more importantly the Conservative Party is in a complete mess.

“The word is, that by opposing Brexit, be it for a specific period of time or indefinitely, the party can claim to be acting in the national interest.

“The spin would be quite straightforward.  We cannot accept whatever deal the Conservatives come up with because they are too weak, too incompetent and too unstable to get what’s best for the UK.

Labour could then put the brakes on the whole thing, gaining support from both Remainers and those who believe talks are going badly.”

The source spoke with Get Britain Out because “playing politics against the will of the people is both cynical and wrong.”

They said: “It’s simply wrong.  Gaining political advantages from perceived weakness is par for the course, but this cynical move would be going against democracy, plain and simple.”

Such news should worry those who believe in democracy.

Regardless of political persuasion, last June we witnessed the greatest exercise in democracy this nation has ever seen.

To go against this would not only be a betrayal of the people, it would also show how out of step the Labour Party is with the nation’s mood.

This week the Office for National Statistics reported that more Britons feel happier than ever before.

The report asked 100,000 adults to score their overall happiness from 0: “not at all, to 10: “completely.”

Overall, 35 percent of people reported being very happy, a rise of three percent since 2012 and the highest since records began.

Explaining its findings, the ONS said changes could be down to an improved economy, citing evidence less people seemed worried about Brexit’s effect on their standard of living.

Data collected in the New Year by polling company Ipsos Mori showed that 40 percent of people believed leaving the EU would make no difference to their lives, up from 24 percent in October 2016.

A spokesperson for the ONS told The Daily Telegraph on Wednesday: “It possibly implies that as time goes on, people are becoming more relaxed about the implications of Brexit.”

So once again the Labour Party finds itself out of touch with the majority of Britons, and even more reason to ensure we Get Britain Out of the EU as quickly as possible.


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