Independence Day – It’s time for Britain to back Brexit

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

Today is an historic day for our country. It is the day Article 50 is triggered, and it paves the way for our exit from the European Union. It’s time for the Remoaners to stop talking down our opportunities once we leave the EU and to start talking our country up.

The starting gun has been fired on our Brexit negotiations. The opportunities are endless.

Only last weekend, we had the spectacle of people taking part in the March for Europe. No doubt they were attracted by the chance to listen to such political luminaries as Tim Farron, Nick Clegg and David Lammy! They insulted the Great British Public by claiming we did not know what we were voting for on June 23rd last year. What rot!

When will these people realise democracy has spoken and the country has voted to Leave? For many years our country has been held back by the stranglehold of the EU.

Just ask our fishermen, who have been clobbered by the Common Fisheries Policy. After Brexit, they will have the opportunity to earn a proper living again as we reclaim our fishing grounds.

We will also have the opportunity to negotiate new trade deals with countries such as Australia and America. Whilst we have been members of the EU, we have been prohibited from doing so. By leaving the Customs Union we can set our own tariffs. And Brexit also means leaving the Single Market. By becoming an independent nation once again, we can control our own borders. We do not have to accept freedom of movement. We can control who we let in to Britain.

Nissan will still continue to trade here, and Toyota have recently announced investment in our country. By agreeing tariff free trading areas with our EU neighbours and other countries, trade deals could be agreed relatively quickly. The EU is dying. Recent reports suggest that the Commonwealth countries will be better to carry out trade deals with.

However, there have been reports this week that immigrants who have settled here might still be allowed to send back child benefits to their country of origin. The Government must take a robust line on this and say ‘No’. It would be wholly wrong for people who have settled here to be allowed to send back benefits from a more generous host nation. The reports are that there will be a cut-off date, and people entering Britain after a certain date will be barred from sending back benefits. This should apply to all migrants not just new ones!

And what about the €60bn exit fee they are apparently suggesting? Britain should tell Juncker and Barnier we are not paying the EU one single penny. We have paid in far more EU contributions than we have received. It is time we used the money we will be saving for our own good.

Last June, the British people showed themselves to be patriots. In just 2 years’ time, we will be an independent nation once more. And then we can truly say that by Getting Britain Out, we have put the Great back in Great Britain.

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