Independence Day is almost here – YOUR Vote Counts!

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

In just over 3 week’s time, the British people go to the polls in the most important plebiscite in over 40 years.
On Thursday June 23rd 2016, we have the chance to take our country back.
We can vote to regain our borders, our sovereignty and become a self governing democracy once more.
Or we can vote to stay in a corrupt, morally bankrupt elitist club where we are one voice amongst 28.
When the history books are written, June 23rd will be seen as the day when we regained our independence.
If we vote to leave the EU, June 23rd should be renamed Independence Day in our national calendar.

The scare tactics of the Remain campaign – led by David Cameron and George Osborne – have been nothing short of shameful.
They have offered no positive case to remain in the EU.
All we have seen is apocalyptic warnings about how our economy will crash and burn and the cost of air travel will increase!
We have been here before.
In 1992, Britain crashed out of the Exchange Rate Mechanism.
We were told disaster would strike if we left.
And what happened?
Our economy boomed for the next 15 years until the financial crash.

The only campaign which has offered any vision and sense of hope has been the Leave campaign.
Led by Boris Johnson, Iain Duncan Smith and Michael Gove, the Leave campaign have shown themselves to be the true patriots.
From highlighting the £350 million a week we give to the EU, to talking about immigration, the light has been shone on the dangers of voting to Remain.
Let’s not also forget that despite denials, there is a long-term plan to allow Turkey to join the EU.
This would potentially have a massive impact on our levels of immigration.
Britain is the 5th largest economy in the world.
At the moment, we cannot negotiate deals with countries such as China because we are members of the European Union.
We are one of the biggest net contributors to the EU. Is it any wonder that they want us to stay?
Germany will still buy our cars even if we voted to Leave.
There will still be co-operation on important issues such as security.
We can also take back control of our fishing grounds – British fishermen are being hammered by the Common Fishing Policy. We only control 14% of our fishing grounds.
As a proud maritime nation, this is patently absurd.
Yet despite all this, Downing Street allowed the Civil Service to openly campaign for Remain.
Added to this, there was the gross misuse of taxpayers’ money by publishing the “dodgy leaflet”.
We did not elect our Government to scare us into Remaining in a club which has no interest in Britain’s right to self-determination.

On June 23rd, YOU will have the choice.

It is the choice between remaining wedded to a partner who clearly does not care about our economic or sovereign well-being, or a choice to seek a divorce and govern ourselves.

Remember – the EU cannot be reformed and does not want to be reformed.
Voting to “Remain in a reformed EU” is not on the ballot paper.

Independence Day will soon be upon us.
British rule or Brussels rule?

This is the choice you face.
So come with us and together we can take our country back.
Let’s make Britain Great again.
Vote Leave and Get Britain Out.

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