Immigration Figures Cannot be Trusted

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Uncontrolled mass immigration remains a growing problem in Britain. A recent article in the Daily Mail reveals that the current rates of migration are much worse than we previously thought, due to the government’s shoddy data gathering.

350,000 immigrants weren’t counted because there was a lack of inspectors at Britain’s smaller airports! This is a complete joke. Not only does freedom of movement result in uncontrolled immigration, apparently it results in unchecked immigration as well. Only a few government migration inspectors went to smaller airports – Luton and Stanstead – where hundreds of thousands of migrants were arriving. Current figures from the Office of National Statistics now show a much more alarming state of affairs.

Even Yvette Cooper recently admitted Labour was at fault for letting in too many immigrants back in 2004. Given the higher number of immigrants than expected, it is clear the Coalition government has not remedied these mistakes. What’s worse is these higher rates of immigration allow employers to exploit cheap labour resulting in suppression of wages. Consequently, our economy is degenerating into one which is based on low-wages and reliant on a cheap workforce imported from Europe.

We at Get Britain Out urge the government to stop being so impractical and amateurish in this area and to alert the Great British Public about the real immigration figures of immigration. Even with the under-estimated figures, many realise immigration is out of control; yet with these even higher number of Eastern European migrants, the situation has become chaotic. The problem is likely to worsen given half of the hundreds of thousands of Poles living in Britain intend to vote in the European Parliament elections this May. An opinion poll found that most Poles would vote for Lib Dems and Labour, who have an avowed pro-EU stance.

Many will argue that this is not an EU-related concern – this is simply a technical and administrative issue which is our own government’s fault. However, this ignores the much wider problem – the consequences of freedom of movement; that holy principle enshrined in EU doctrine. With freedom of movement – that is, immigration without quantity or quality control – Britain will forever remain a hub for masses of workers from other European countries. Yes, the previous Labour government and current Coalition government is partly to blame for mass immigration. But let us not forget the true pioneer of this travesty – the ideological super-state that is the EU.

Sam Woolfe, Research Executive

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