If Turkey Joins the EU, Britain’s Goose is Well and Truly Cooked

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Conservative blogger Robert Barnes writes an exclusive article for Get Britain Out:

Last week, it was reported as from June this year, Turkey will have visa-free access to the EU.

This is deeply worrying especially as matters have now reached the point where we are being forced to pay billions to an increasingly aggressive Turkish state, just to try and persuade them to finally begin to try and get a grip on controlling the flow of migrants from Iraq and Syria into the EU.

This is the same country which has clamped down hard, by seizing control of two of its largest newspapers because they had the audacity to criticise the leadership.

However for every migrant they take back, we have to agree to take one from them. This is one of the most ridiculous, self-defeating schemes known to man. More migrants will think it’s safe for them to make the journey safely, as NATO has had to step in with a navy task force to rescue Brussels from its crisis.

Turkey – which is fast becoming an authoritarian state – is being pushed forward for visa liberalisation. There are, however, still issues regarding over any future membership of the EU, because the Cyprus issue would need to be resolved first.

On 7 March this year, the European Council stated its aim was “to accelerate the implementation of the visa liberalisation roadmap with all Member States with a view to lifting the visa requirements for Turkish citizens at the latest by the end of June 2016”.

Regardless of whether Turkey reaches all of the requirements, it seems that visa liberalisation is being pushed through. It would only apply to the travel visa which runs for 90 days. There is no mechanism for deportation beyond normal Schengen area proposals. It would only apply to Turkish citizens not the entire Turkish border.

What will cause voters grave concern is our Prime Minister’s keenness in bringing about Turkey’s EU membership. Cameron is one of Turkey’s few remaining allies. In 2014, he said Turkey was “vital for our economy, vital for our security & vital for our diplomacy”. On a trip to Ankara he was encouraging other EU countries to allow it to join.

If we are to ensure this never, ever happens there is only one option available. That option is to vote to leave the EU on June 23rd.

The question voters must ask themselves is do they want Britain to enter a political union with Turkey? By doing so, we would be opening up our borders to a further 77 million people.

Even more damning is the fact the Government has failed to carry out a study into exactly what Turkish membership of the EU would mean in terms of migration to the UK.

Five years ago, a Home Office Select Committee report concerning issues over Turkish accession into the EU concluded: “We are concerned that no impact analysis of Turkish accession for future migration trends has yet been carried out”.

The report went much further insofar as recommending the Home Office carried out the work immediately and update it as circumstances changed. The Government replied saying it would be crucial to carry out timely assessments in the future.

To date, no such study has been carried out into the potential impact on our country.

The Government is sleepwalking into an immigration crisis. It has been more than 16 years since the impact of migration from Turkey was carried out. This study, carried out by the EU Commission predicted that up to 4.4m Turks could migrate to the EU.

It is quite apparent the Government is not being open with the British public about the true extent of the potential of Turkish migration to the EU. It’s 2004 being repeated all over again. Then we were told that with enlargement and the granting of EU membership of the A8 accession states, no more than 13000 migrants would arrive in Britain.

The reality has been very different – with over one million migrants arriving and changing the dynamics and culture of our country for ever.

Former Shadow Home Secretary David Davis MP has warned an EU move to grant Turkish nationals visa-free access to the EU as early as this summer would be a “security nightmare”. Davis is absolutely right.

With visa-free access to the EU, it is only a matter of time before Turkish nationals apply for an EU passport. Once they were in possession of such a treasured prize, we would be powerless to prevent them travelling anywhere within the EU.

Turkey is no longer a secular country. If this was the case, EU membership might not have been such a problem. Instead, under President Erdogan, Turkey is turning into an Islamist state.

This is where the problem lies.

Turkey has considerable bargaining power with the EU. The EU is too weak to resist Turkey’s demands.

If we want to prevent this nightmare scenario becoming a reality in the future, we have to take our country back. We must vote to become a self-governing democracy. We must vote to Get Britain Out.

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