How Eurosceptic is Your MP

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Today we are publishing an updated version of How Eurosceptic Is Your MP?, a resource detailing the voting record on key Eurosceptic issues of every MP elected in the 2017 General Election, as well as their stance in the EU Referendum last year. This version includes their votes on the EU Withdrawal Bill.

The resource is intended as a simple guide for Eurosceptic voters, and lists every single sitting MP with their party, constituency, stance in the EU Referendum, and voting record – whether they voted (and whether they were eligible to vote), and whether they voted for or against the Eurosceptic stance on each vote. The resource will be updated throughout the Brexit negotiating period as further Brexit-related votes in Parliament are held.

To view the resource, click here: How Eurosceptic Is Your MP

If you are unsure who your MP is, click here and enter your postcode to find out: Who Is My MP?


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