How Committed Is your MP to Brexit?

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Today we are publishing an updated version of How Committed Is Your MP to Brexit?, a resource providing a ‘Commitment to Brexit’ rating for each MP. This rating takes into account their stance in the referendum, and whether they voted for a speedy and clean Brexit at every opportunity.

The resource is intended as a simple guide for Eurosceptic voters, and lists every single sitting MP with their party, constituency, stance in the EU Referendum, and ‘Commitment to Brexit’ rating.

The resource will be updated throughout the Brexit negotiating period as further Brexit-related votes in Parliament are held.

To view the resource, click here: How Committed to Brexit Is Your MP?

If you are unsure who your MP is, click here and enter your postcode to find out: Who Is My MP?

If you would like to see the full database or know more about how the rating is calculated, please email


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Published by Get Britain Out


  • Cliff Smith

    I have signed the petition to leave now. The EU are hoping Mrs May will be unable to complete what 17 million people voted for because of the traitorous (including my MP for Torfaen) bunch of backsliders are doing what they can to delay the proceedings . The remoaners say it is their democratic right to protest but they wont accept the democratic decision made by the majority of the people.