Hague says No to EU Veto

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Yesterday the Foreign Secretary, William Hague, casually dismissed demands from Conservative backbenchers to give Parliament the power to veto new EU laws. This is another example of William Hague’s transformation from leading the Eurosceptic movement that campaigned against the Euro to becoming another cowed Europhile from the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO).

The reason that William Hague has dismissed the demands of backbenchers in his party is that he claims their request would effectively destroy the Single Market. He goes further to suggest that even a Swiss style trade agreement with the EU would be impossible to implement. This is despite the fact that this was recommended by the cross party, European Scrutiny Committee. This is not just another Tory right scheme to cause a nuisance, but it comes from representatives of every party who want to be consulted on legislation that they cannot reject or approve.

It is hard to believe that what was, one of the staunchest Eurosceptics in Parliament, could now be mistaken as a spokesman from Brussels when talking about this recommendation. It is no secret in British politics that the FCO is the most Europhile government department. This seems to have had an effect on William Hague’s way of thinking and instead of acting on principle; he is now acting on power for himself and for his department.

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