Greece is not Germany

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The EU is set to spend over £5 billion (page 2 last paragraph) on creating non-jobs in Europe to disguise embarrassing youth unemployment figures according to a report by the European Union Committee of Permanent Representatives.

The Committee is calling for a fund of £5.1 billion to be used to transpose German youth unemployment policy to all other EU member nations, ‘encouraging’ (page 2) employers to offer young people jobs.

Education, Training and Youth policy is not within the remit of the European Union and of course European Union money is just our taxes recycled. This means that this policy is at worst an attempt by the EU to move further into our lives and apply a German policy to all nation states or at best an expensive example of posturing so as to give the underemployed Eurocrats a personal sense of utility.

This scheme is only applicable to areas with youth unemployment above 25% (page 2 last paragraph) meaning that this scheme will primarily focus on the economic disaster zones in the EU such as Greece and Spain where youth unemployment rates are at more than 50% in some areas. The majority of the money will go to the poorer nations with higher unemployment, of the nearly 150 regions that qualify for this less than 10 are in the UK. (Select data, change parameter to from 15-24 years).

This is a cynical move to offer false hope to youths abroad at our expense in order to give the impression that the European Union can do more than simply waste our money.

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